Ginger Sugar Drink from Indonesia

Minuman Gula Jahe
Ginger sugar drink made from Brown sugar, ginger choice and spices.


Ginger sugar drink is a traditional ginger juice dish from Central and East Java, Indonesia which is generally served warm or hot. Ginger drinks are also sometimes referred to as wedang or ginger tea, although it does not contain tea leaves. “Wedang” itself is a Javanese term meaning “hot drink”. Although without the caffeine content, these drinks are often served and enjoyed like tea.

Ginger Sugar Drinks

This ginger sugar drink is made from fresh ginger slices, java sugar or rock sugar mixed into hot water. In addition to using fresh ginger, Indonesian people also use ginger powder as a common ingredient in their traditional recipes. Sometimes spices such as pandan leaves, lemongrass, cloves and / or cinnamon are added to add aroma. Fresh milk or sweetened condensed milk can also be added.
Ginger contains chemicals that are believed to reduce nausea and inflammation. Researchers believe chemicals in ginger can affect the brain, nervous system, stomach, and intestines to control nausea.

Healthy with ginger sugar drink

Not only fragrant and refreshing, ginger sugar drink also has a variety of good properties for the body. For example when we have a cough. Ginger sugar drink or ginger tea is believed to cure cough and other respiratory disorders.
Ginger drinks are also traditionally used to treat stomach problems, for example to prevent or stop nausea.

Health experts believe it all thanks to the active components in ginger such as volatile oil and phenol gingerol compounds. And not only used to treat nausea due to motion sickness, ginger drink is also thought to be effective in reducing morning sickness in pregnant women, nausea caused by medication for HIV / AIDS, nausea and vomiting during the first 24 hours after surgery, and reducing symptoms of dizziness or vertigo.
In addition, ginger drink is also believed to relieve ostheoarthritis pain and muscle pain, and reduce pain during menstruation. What’s more, research has shown that minerals and amino acids in ginger sugar drinks are thought to help prevent heart disease, improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol, relieve heartburn, prevent blood clotting, prevent heart attacks, and lower blood pressure .

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